A 16 year old mystery will be solved

In case you hadn’t heard Dee  I mean Andrea is back in Neighbours.

Either way someone who looks a lot like Madeleine West wandered onto set last week much to the fury of widower Toadie (Ryan Moloney) who was suckered in last time by her devious soapie double.

Now producers are teasing they will solve a 16 year mystery, which all goes back to that wedding gone awry and a car speeding off a clifftop (where there really wasn’t one) with veil and blonde wig flapping in the breeze.

They don’t do stunts like that anymore. Thankfully.

The shock storyline continues tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday on 10 Peach.


  1. Andrew Mercado

    Peach made another great promo for this in which the voiceover went “Andrea is back … and Toadie is freaking out!” And watching it last night, I can confirm … he is freaked out alright LOL

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