ACMA to look at commercial plugs passed off as News

When is a news item a plug for a commercial company and not genuine news?

Media watchdog the Australian Communications and Media Authority will look into an increase of news and current affairs being little more than free airtime.

Last night ABC’s Media Watch highlighted Nine failing to disclose that a report on IKEA in Sweden failed to disclose the furniture giant paid for reporter Christine Ahern and her crew to travel from Australia.

The report featured on Today, Today Extra and Nine News Now.

An ACMA spokesperson told ABC, “As part of its Compliance Priorities for 2019-20 the ACMA is specifically focussing on the issue of commercial influence in broadcast news.”


  1. It amazes me how little news commercial channels show, youtube videos of car chases, houses on fire, donalds latest tweet?????……… heaven forbid some real international news might make it to air!

  2. … you do realise that the basic problem is an entire generation who call themselves “journalists”, but actually haven’t a clue what “news” is – ie the reporting of facts. It’s not just television, reading the Sydney Morning Herald these days is more like Woman’s Weekly.

  3. ACMA are going to be busy because we see the gratuitous plugs and live crosses passing off as news all the time. The main offenders are the Afternoon “News” shows.

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