Airdate: 7 Up and Me

Celebrities reflect on this ground-breaking 7 Up series.

If you’ve been watching 63 Up then you will probably be keen to check out 7 Up and Me, in which celebrities reflect on this ground-breaking series.

The third and final episode of 63 Up airs next Monday and includes catching up with Neil, who was a bright young boy in the first season but faced mental health issues later in life.

In celebration of 63 Up, the latest instalment of Michael Apted’s ground-breaking documentary series that began in 1964, a number of British and American celebrity fans now discuss its impact on popular culture and its lasting legacy.

The film also candidly explores pivotal moments of celebrities’ own lives – from school days and first loves to family and fulfilled ambitions – while tapping into changes in social history around topics such as class, education, and parenting. Stars interviewed include Tracey Ullman, Michael Sheen, and Jeremy Clarkson.

Thursday, 20 June at 8.30pm on SBS.

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