Airdate: The Victim

2019 Scottish thriller will screen on BBC First from late July.

2019 Scottish thriller The Victim will screen on BBC First from late July.

The four part drama created by Rob Williams (The Man in the High Castle, Killing Eve, Chasing Shadows) stars Kelly Macdonald, James Harkness and John Hannah.

This aired in the UK in April.

Anna Dean’s son was murdered fifteen years ago – now she is accused of revealing his killer’s new identity online and conspiring to have him murdered. Has the anger of a grieving mother turned her into a criminal? What is she capable of doing in her son’s name? Family man Craig Myers is viciously attacked, after being identified online as a notorious child murderer. Is he a convicted a killer or simply the tragic victim of mistaken identity. Who is really the victim?

Mondays at 8.30pm from July 29 on BBC First.

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  1. Just having a quick look around the web; this series gets excellent reviews.

    It looks interesting & potentially thought-provoking. As per usual, the English keep it tight at just 4 episodes.

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