Airdate: Torvill & Dean

UK telemovie Torvill & Dean will screen on BBC First later this month.

The bio-pic stars Will Tudor and Poppy Lee Friar in the title roles, with the famed ice-skaters giving the project their approval.

This screened in the UK last Christmas.

In 1984 legendary British ice skating duo Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean made history at the Winter Olympics, achieving the highest-ever score for a single figure-skating programme for their dance to Ravel’s Bolero. This entertaining drama tells the story of how they found each other and formed their highly successful and enduring partnership, charting the journey from their first encounter at Nottingham Ice Rink as children, through their formative and sometimes tempestuous pathway to their phenomenal Olympic success with Bolero.

Chris (Will Tudor) grew up in humble surroundings in the town of Calverton Notts where his father was a miner. His mother left home when he was just 10. When his newly arrived stepmother moves in and gives him a pair of ice skates by way of a peace offering, Chris soon finds a way to escape and transcend his troubles at the ice rink.

Jayne (Poppy Lee Friar) stifled by her parents (Stephen Tompkinson and Jo Hartley) in nearby Clifton, looks to the ice rink for a transformation. She finds an alternative family there in the form of Miss Perry (Anita Dobson) and Ted (Mark Benton), and later their coach Janet Sawbridge (Jaime Winston) and mentor Betty Calloway (Annabelle Apsion).

Jayne and Chris struggle to navigate the extremely difficult line of their own emotional complexities versus a rocky creative relationship, eventually evolving into an innovative and unbeatable combination.

Saturday at 8.30pm on June 29 on BBC First.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    Your post July 25th 2018 mentioned ITV… it is BBC…something happen there?
    First glance I thought Oh No….but watching the trailer…looks good…
    I will have to wait though….until it turns up on FTA or DVD….

    • ITV isn’t a channel in Australia. They made the telemovie but sometimes their content heads to BBC First due to distribution, or sometimes to Seven. I can’t say whether it will surface on FTA.

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