Andrew Denton: Interview: June 11

Andrew Denton’s guest on Interview next Tuesday is Sir Michael Caine.

Not a lot of people know this, but Andrew recently flew to London to speak with Sir Michael Caine, a man who has two Oscars, more than a hundred movie credits (from Zulu and Alfie to The Dark Knight and Cider House Rules) and a life story so long it’s taken three autobiographies to cover it.

The latest of these, Blowing The Bloody Doors Off: And Other Lessons In Life, distills a lot of the wisdom and advice Sir Michael has collected over the decades, what he’s learned about being a human being.

This conversation with Andrew is wide-ranging, covering the brother he never knew he had, sharing a dole queue with Sean Connery, being frightened by Heath Ledger on the set of Batman and spotting his future wife in a TV commercial, among many, many other things.

Andrew also does his Michael Caine impersonation for the man himself. You’ll have to tune in to see the verdict.

9pm Tuesday on Seven.


  1. “ Not a lot of people know this…” ah, such a lovely subtle insertion of one of Mr Caines favourite phrases… nice touch! Shame your sub-editor buried the lead headline.

  2. The Last Post

    How wonderful it is to see Denton morphing into Parkinson (that’s a compliment). The ratings are finally rising, reflecting the interest the public has in celebrity.
    We’re watching and enjoying immensely.

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