What happens to Anh Do portraits after filming?

Anh Do’s wonderful paintings on his ABC series have drawn plenty of praise from viewers across his 4 seasons.

But what happens to them afterwards? Do the celebrities get to keep them? Or buy them?

ABC has confirmed yes indeed, the individuals receive them free of charge and it’s up to them what they do with the portrait.

Screentime and ABC have also discussed an exhibition but as yet nothing is planned. Ultimo foyer perhaps?

This week on Anh’s Brush with Fame the subject is presenter Deborah Hutton.

Popular TV personality Deb Hutton joins Anh for an engaging chat about her unusual childhood. She shares stories of the men and women in her life who have shaped her, and the realities of turning fifty in an industry obsessed with looks. Anh hopes to capture her iridescent charisma in his portrait.

8pm Wednesday on ABC.


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