Ash Barty’s French Open semi-final on SBS VICELAND

SBS VICELAND will screen Ash Barty’s French Open semi-final match with Amanda Anisimova Live in Eastern States tonight from 7pm.

It will screen delayed in other states but live streaming is available via SBS On Demand.

Aussie Ash Barty will face 17-year-old American Amanda Anisimova in the Roland Garros 2019: The French Open semi-final tonight. Australians can catch all the action from the blockbuster clash tonight live, free and in HD on SBS VICELAND from 7pm AEST (live to Eastern), with livestreaming available via SBS On Demand.

Second seed Rafael Nadal and third seed Roger Federer will renew their treasured rivalry in semi-final action tonight on SBS at 8.40pm AEST. The winner will face top seed Novak Djokovic or fourth seed Dominic Thiem in the championship match.

To ensure Australian audiences don’t miss out on all the action from the matches overnight, SBS airs an hour-long highlights show at 4.30pm AEST daily. Online, is the round-the-clock destination for all French Open news, interviews, analysis, extended highlights and clips.

Friday 7 June – Semi-final: Ash Barty VS Amanda Anisimova
7pm AEST* on SBS VICELAND (Live to Eastern)

Friday 7 June – Semi-final: Rafael Nadal VS Roger Federer
8.40pm AEST* on SBS

Saturday 8 June – Womens Final
11.00pm AEST* on SBS

Sunday 9 June – Mens Final
11.10pm AEST* on SBS

Monday 27 May – Monday 10 June
Roland Garros 2019: The French Open Highlights Show
4.30pm – 5.30pm AEST* on SBS

*times are subject to change.


  1. seantheaussie

    I just looked at the weather radar I guarantee the match won’t be starting at 7, and might not start today.

  2. So happy I thought I would have a quick look at TVTonight to see if anything I have missed and I would have missed this news if I hadn’t looked. Thank you very much for the update David. I appreciate it !

  3. Great news. I was waiting for her quarter final last night and happened to put on the radio to find out she had already won.
    But I did see a tweet from sbs saying they couldn’t show her game because they wern’t allowed to broadcast from the court she was playing on.
    Anyway go Ash!

  4. seantheaussie

    I don’t know whether to cheer SBS broadcasting the semi, or castigate them for not broadcasting the quarter and ’16 which were also played during primetime.

    Ash is now the 17/10 favourite to win the whole damn thing.

    • harrypotter1994

      As far as I’m aware SBS bought the rights for the main PC court. Most of Barty’s matches have been on the secondary stadium or outside courts meaning they’d have to buy additional matches to show her. Plus they’d have to mess with another channels schedule to show it unless they went for On Demand only.

      It’s all a bit messy.

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