Barbara Feldon headed down under

Legendary sitcom star Barbara Feldon, who starred as Agent 99 on Get Smart is coming to Australia for the Supernova fan convention.

She will appear at events held in Sydney from June 21 – 23 and Perth June 28 – 30. Also appearing are Barbara Eden, Dawn Wells and current stars including Elijah Wood, Stephen Amell, and Anson Mount.

Feldon spoke to ABC Radio about her working relationship with Don Adams (Maxwell Smart) who later became her lifelong friend.

“Don and I would be standing on our marks waiting for ‘Action’ and not talking to each other. Not out of hostility but we just didn’t have anything to say to each other,” she explained.

“Then they would call ‘Action’ and instantly Max & 99 would spring forth and there would be this intense rapport. So, that was us… but not us, at the time… and then later in life actually became us.”

She also agreed that the on-screen marriage of Max & 99 diluted the unresolved sexual tension.

“It was for ratings week. They needed a little kicker there so they got Max & 99 married.And they did get a big audience for that. But it was not nearly as appealing to have them married as it was to have them unmarried (with) her flirting and him not noticing,” she said.

“So yes I think it didn’t help in the long run. It helped in the short run.”

You can hear more of her interview here.


  1. estherhoffman

    I always loved Barbara Feldon when I was growing up..She was such an important part of that iconic show.And she did actually make a great point about the show suffering after 99 and Max got married.It changed the dynamics of the show and it wasn’t quite the same after that happened.

  2. daveinprogress

    I braced myself when Barbara’s pic came up fearing a Vale. Thrilled to know that she and one of my all time favourite Tv idols the other Barbara is heading down under. Ms Feldon’s book on being single was such an illuminating read for me. Ah those 60’s sitcoms. The gifts are really enduring

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