Barrie Cassidy: “Not bad for a Sunday morning”

Barrie Cassidy bows out from his final Insiders today, after a stellar 18 year run on the ABC.

“Thank you to everybody… producers, crew and the panel who made Insiders such a success,” he said.

“And to you the audience. You grew by 19% in the last 2 years, 12% in the last 6 months to more than 600,000 viewers -and that’s not bad for a Sunday morning.

“For that I’ll be forever grateful. Thanks for watching.”

Cassidy has indicated the AFP raid on journalism is high on the agenda for his final programme.

After a well-deserved break he will “reboot” with ABC later in the year.

Insiders hosting will be shared by Fran Kelly and Annabel Crabb for the remainder of 2019 with David Speers to take the chair in 2020.

9am Sunday on ABC.


  1. Its interesting that Barrie Cassidy wasn’t at all concerned about press freedom or the danger of political interference in 2013, seems that his disposition and interest in press freedom is dependant on which party is in government at the time.

  2. Not as feared by Politicians as Kerry O’Brien, I have often thought that Barry knew the answer he’d receive to his question before it was asked. He’d let the well-rehearsed answer go through and move to the next question and wait for a slip-up. His calm demeanour, interviewing style and experience will be sorely missed.
    I’m hoping that Fran Kelly can prevent a Toxic Shoc by resisting the urge to burst into song again.

  3. Today’s episode went so quickly, didn’t feel like an hour. Wish the AFP dramas hadn’t happened, because it took the focus away from the farewell.

  4. I was not one of the 600,000 thousand. I will never forget he’s big dummy spit the Sunday after the election and took it out on the Treasurer! keep saying franking credits are a gift!

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