Bumped: The Super Switch

Seven moves reality flop to a later slot and strikes the burn-off match.

For the 300,000 or so viewers watching The Super Switch be aware Seven has bumped the show to a later slot from next week -and will begin burning it off.

It will screen in a double episode from 8:30pm Wednesday July 3rd.

At 7:30pm Seven has scheduled new episodes of factuals Border Security and The Force.

Unfortunately for Seven there’s 10 episodes of this show, meaning there will be another 4 to come!

Last week the show even included a participant phoning the police to say he was being held against his will…. but nobody was holding him back and when he walked out he rang an Uber instead. It looked good in the promos.

The show remains at 7:30pm this Wednesday.

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  1. I always wonder why the TV Networks don’t just dump poorly watched programs on the On Demand platforms. 5 years ago things might of been different, but every network has an On Demand platform now & keep adding content.

  2. Channel 7 doesn’t get it. We are sick of these kind of relationship relaity shows! This flop didn’t give us anything different. A terrible failure and Channel 7 must be so embarrassed.

  3. I’m so happy this crap flopped. It’s a shame that TV networks are putting these types of shows on especially given the issues we as a community are facing with domestic abuse. putting unhealthy relationships on TV in prime time is not a good idea. The networks need to take a good long look at the rubbish they are producing.

  4. Seven haven’t really had much success with all the romance / dating shows they keep churning out have they? Is the success of Seven Year Switch and Bride & Prejudice enough to make up for Take Me Out, Back with the Ex, Kiss Bang Love & The Single Wives (any I’m forgetting)? Wonder how The Proposal – i.e. The Bachelor but not – will go. Best to leave this genre to 9 & 10 I think.

  5. Remember when Border, Force and Highway Patrol used to be treated properly with consistent season runs (same timeslot over x amount of weeks)? Now they randomly start/stop and encore them whenever something else fails. I like a couple of those factuals and often they’re given a pathetic expiry time on 7Plus to catch up.

    I find The Force a bit boring, wasn’t it originally a solely West Australian production with Simon Reeve, used to get ratings in Perth?

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