Chernobyl producer urges respect from tourists

Mega-hit series Chernobyl continues to attract buzz around the world, including bumper numbers for HBO and that chart-topping listing as the Top Rated TV show of all-time on IMDb.

But writer / producer Craig Mazin has also taken to social media to express concerns about the behaviour of some tourists visiting the exclusion zone in the Ukraine.

According to reports, visitors near the city of Pripyat, have increased by 30-40 percent since the five-part miniseries began airing in May.

Some Instagrammers were posting inappropriate pics online, including some scantily-clad in an unzipped hazmat suit.

Pripyat, about 112km north of Ukraine’s capital Kiev, has only been open to tourists since 2011, although it can only be accessed as part of a licensed tour.

Chernobyl’s US audience has comprised a massive 52% from digital viewership, outstripping the 46% that watched Game of Thrones via the same method.

In Australia, where it debuted first via Foxtel On Demand, sources indicate it has also been a viewing sensation. It finally had its broadcast debut last night on FOX Showcase as the top non-sports event with 47,000.

Thirty one people were officially recorded as killed by the 1986 disaster, but estimates for the broader number of victims range from 4,000 to 93,000.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Deadline

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