David Speers to host Insiders from 2020

SKY News Political Editor David Speers has been confirmed to host Insiders  replacing Barrie Cassidy.

“David is a terrific journalist and presenter, an astute political observer and a great talent. He joins Australia’s best and most trusted political journalism team,” said ABC Director News Gaven Morris.

“We are delighted to welcome him to this key role as the successor to the great Barrie Cassidy.”

Speers will move to Melbourne to take up the role from early 2020, working with Executive Producer Sam Clark.

Insiders is essential viewing if you’re interested in politics and understanding how Australia is being led,” Speers said.

“I never miss it. To be able to take over from a legend, Barrie Cassidy, and present the program is an honour and a terrific opportunity.”

News of his departure emerged late last month, but was not officially confirmed due to questions over his contract at SKY.

SKY News Chief Executive Officer Paul Whittaker said: “David is an exceptional and highly respected journalist and one of Australia’s most insightful political interviewers.

“During his nineteen-year tenure with SKY News David spearheaded the growth of SKY News from humble beginnings into Australia’s leader in political news and national affairs coverage.

“David has been instrumental in developing our Canberra bureau into the editorial powerhouse it is today, together with Chief Political Reporter Kieran Gilbert and Political Reporter Laura Jayes.

“His highly decorated career has seen him chosen to host Leaders’ debates and forums at the last six federal elections, as well as cover the last four US presidential elections.

“His outstanding political reporting and excellence in broadcast journalism has been recognised with a host of prestigious industry awards including two Walkley Awards, an AACTA Subscription Television Award, a Kennedy Award and ten ASTRA Awards. David and the SKY News Political team were also recognised with a Walkley and Logie Award for outstanding coverage of the 2016 federal election.

“I’d like to thank David for his outstanding contribution to Australian journalism and for the proud and important legacy he leaves behind at SKY News.

“From all the team at SKY News, we wish him well.”

Annabel Crabb and Fran Kelly will share the presenting duties on Insiders for the remainder of 2019.


  1. itforsenior

    My astonishment at Speers’ move is only exceeded by that for some of the comments on here. Gavan Morris…”Australia’s best and most trusted political journalism team”. carolmorrissey…”Fran Kelly, she doesn’t even try to hide her hatred of Labor”. ros…”Thanks Dr Rudi for dispelling the myth about tthe left-wing ABC bias”.

  2. David Speers was the like an all seeing, all knowing moderator on Sky News, for News Corp his departure will be like when Kerry O’Brien left the ABC, this could be a bonus for the lumbering ABC News 24 format though, perhaps the constant criticism directed at the ABC that they have had too many lefty journalists on the pay roll has initiated a move to present a more balanced presentation, Patricia Karvelas and David Speers could potentially be a refreshing combination for the ABC News team.

  3. A big loss for Sky. It will be interesting to see who gets the role of political editor. Will owners News Corp give it to someone equally independent as Speers, or to one of their largely-biased newspaper editors or columnists?

      • carolemorrissey

        Oh thanks for that. Don’t mind Annabel but can’t stand Fran Kelly, she doesn’t even try to hide her hatred of Labor. Hopefully Annabel will interview the Labor Ministers & Kelly can interview her beloved Libs.

  4. 1ofmanytvpeople

    @Laurie, the coin the abc will be paying speers, they will be making sure they get value for money with him, on other programs.

    • Er, no. Amanda Vanstone, Pru Goward, Sarah Henderson, Nikki Savva, Peter Collins …Some bloke called Mark Scott was both a Chief of Staff and an Adviser to Liberal Ministers. The list is endless.

      • Thanks Dr Rudi for dispelling the myth about the left-wing ABC bias. Add John Lyons, current ABC executive editor of current affairs, a former editor of News Corp’s The Australian, and Tom Switzer, a current Radio National presenter, who was a senior adviser to the federal Liberal Party leader Brendan Nelson.

      • Dr Rudi. There is a massive difference between the role that Speers will have, while your list refers to occasional (right of centre) guests that turn up on The Drum and other ABC political chat shows.

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