Eve Morey: “I can’t say how grateful I am”

Gold Logie nominee sends a message of thanks to fans after her nomination shock.

Actress Eve Morey thanked fans this week for voting for her in the Logie Awards.

Last week she was nominated for Most Popular Actress and the Gold Logie following a dramatic storyline in which her character succumbed to cancer.

But it followed revelations some fans in the UK had registered votes online using Australian addresses from the White Pages.

Morey told fans she was grateful for their support in a humbling video online.

“We just had the Logies nomination event on the weekend and it was all a bit of a blur. I was like ‘How is this happening… what’s going on?'” she said.

“Once I got through the shock I went ‘It happened because people cared enough about the work to actually put the effort in to go and vote and to say ‘We acknowledge your work and we want to show that to you.’

“I can’t say how grateful I am for that.”

Co-star Ryan Moloney, who was also nominated as Most Popular Actor, also rang TripleM last week to say. “In all seriousness, I’m actually just appreciative of the pat on the back, and I’m actually kind of okay with that from this point on. Really, I am!”

Meanwhile showbiz veteran Patti Newton has come under fire on social media for criticising Gold Logie nominees.

Despite acknowledging Eve Morey was probably lovely and a beautiful actress she added, “most people walking down the street wouldn’t know who she was.”

Angry Neighbours fans have pointed out Newton appeared in the 10 Peach soap as Valerie Grundy for the 8,000th episode last December.

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  1. I’m a big Neighbours fan but let’s be honest, a good 8 out of 10 people wouldn’t know the name Eve Morey which is probably being generous. Better off saying Sonya from Neighbours. If you said Irene from Home and Away, Toadie from Neighbours or even Evan from The Secret Life of Us (okay maybe that’s pushing it lol) you’d have better luck.

  2. Out of curiosity I asked 20 co-workers if they new who Eve Morey was. 8 new her, 5 didn’t, 7 new who she was when I showed a pic. Only 1 person out of the twenty was a regular Neighbors watcher. Great acting consistently for 10 years, very deserving of nomination. Patti Newton blah!

    1. Good on you for testing the hypothesis, but it really depends what your workplace is. I would be hard put to find anyone I know who has heard of her.

      I am quite willing for her to be recognised for a good performance, in the category of Most Popular Actress. But the Gold Logie should demand a higher standard.

  3. Most popular? Hardly. But her finest performance, I feel, took place in the episode following Sonya witnessing Toadie sleeping with Andrea in 2017. Definitely right up there with some of the best performances and episodes the series has to offer. I also wish that they had given Sonya more “fun” stuff to do as Eve seems so jovial in real life.

    I’m disappointed that she was unceremoniously dumped from the show, only for her to be replaced with more skin-baring “feisty” types. Her on-screen family was one of the only traditional ones (in so far as the genre permits) remaining on the show, and now we just have a bunch of miserable people purposelessly sleeping around almost incestuously. The PG rating should allow for more realistic storytelling as opposed to ramping up the trash ante with casual post-coital nudity at dinnertime.

    I wish Eve the very best with her family and…

  4. The logies are a joke. Look she might have done some good acting on a show, but it rates basically nothing and is only on screens due to money and viewership from UK. Who really knows who she is?

    As for sam mac… wow. Really clutching at straws. Shocking.

    100% agree with Patti on this one!

  5. And fair enough, lots don’t know real actors names from the soaps when nominated. However if you are someone who goes “i don’t know this person and this person” and haven’t voted yourself, then it’s partly your fault these strangers have been nominated.

  6. Plenty on social media and on this site that agrees with Patti. I have never heard of Eve Morey until now and would not no her if I passed her in the street. The logies are a joke

  7. She was hardly “bagging” Neighbours. If I asked 20 people who Eve Morey is, I’d be lucky to get one that does. If I said “Sonia from Neighbours” I may get a handful. She is hardly in the top 5 most popular personalities on TV. On the positive side, at least Scott Cam isn’t listed.

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