FOX Sports News to relocate to Holt Street

EXCLUSIVE: FOX Sports News channel is relocating from Macquarie Park to Holt Street in Surry Hills.

The studios at News Corp headquarters were formerly used for the Your Money channel which ceased broadcasting last month.

SKY News CEO Paul Whitaker said, “As we become increasingly aligned to the News Corp Australia business, SKY News, as a key strategic part of News Corp Australia, is continuing to integrate across the broader business for the benefit of both organisations.

“With this in mind, I am pleased to confirm that FOX Sports News will relocate from Macquarie Park to our News Corp business in Holt Street, Surry Hills from August.

“Moving to Holt Street will enable the dedicated 24-hour sports news channel, we produce on behalf of FOX Sports, to take advantage of the prominently positioned state-of-the-art, world-class studio facility that was built for Your Money last year.

“Being co-located within the News Corp Sydney headquarters will enable greater collaboration and cross-fertilisation between News Corp’s publishing sports teams and FOX Sports News, while building on the channel’s success as the main provider of breaking sports news video content for the News Corp mastheads including The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun and The Courier-Mail, and

“The move also provides the opportunity to further build audience reach for the channel by improving our content and live broadcast capabilities as we continue to deliver an exceptional news service for Australian sports fans.”


  1. Another attempt by the very Sydney biased News Ltd to give Australia more Sydney news. Melbourne is the sporting capital of the world yet we have Fox Sports based in Sydney pumping out sport that most Melbournians are not interested in. No wonder the Herald Sun once the greatest selling newspaper in the country has completely lost its relevance to Melbourne as that too is a rebadged Melbourne version of the Daily Telegraph. I am glad that Melbourne is not embracing any of News Ltd mastheads or Fox Sports. One cannot believe that Melbourne is now nearly the size of Sydney but News Ltd continue to down size in Melbourne in preference to Sydney, it just does not add up

  2. I get it. It’s cheap tv. It’s background noise.
    But this is the worst produced television on the box.
    The framing on the robotic locked off cameras is just flat out negligent. The lighting is a mish mash with hosts well lit and guests in the dark. The stories and press conferences shot by reporters is most often out of focus. The crosses are so poorly colour balanced , I didn’t know blue was a skin tone.
    Is anyone in management even watching ? Or do they not know poor quality when they see it?

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