Hamish Macdonald comes out at the ball

The Project presenter Hamish Macdonald has come out as gay, hosting the GQ Gentleman’s Ball last night in Melbourne.

After posting the image on Instagram he already has drawn over 4000 likes and plenty of supportive comments. So far he is yet to comment on social media, aside from a previous “favourite human” line alongside a couples pic.

Macdonald rejoined 10 in 2017, having previously reported for Al Jazeera and ABC (where he still does radio).



  1. It’s a massive shame that Hamish has now deactivated his Instagram account (after posting the GQ photo). I hope he hasn’t been subjected to homophobic abuse. As for TVT being the “only” site giving this story “air”, this is actually the last place I’ve seen it mentioned (it’s all over the Internet). While I’m intrigued to hear about his journey, I actually hope he doesn’t decide to go into great detail about it all – we don’t expect straight celebrities to describe how they came to terms with their sexuality and I wouldn’t think that Hamish would be the type to want to discuss his personal life publicly anyway. We know he has nephews whom he adores, but other than that, he has never really said much about his personal life at all. I suspect he’ll continue in this vein, even though he’s now acknowledged that he’s not single. Good for him.

  2. I honestly never saw this coming but am absolutely delighted for him. And to anyone yawning about why we should care, visibility is still very important so people who are ‘working it out for themselves’ can see others they can relate to and realise it’s ok.

  3. “plenty of supportive comments”, does this breaking news still need support? Shouldn’t we hold the view that he is revealing a relationship like any other? I’m kind of over the notion that this is strange and requires support and I think it makes sense to consider this an item of celebrity news and nothing more.

    • Another ignorant comment. It’s still a big deal for young people to be accepted as being gay by friends and family and gay youth suicide is still happening. So role models like Hamish are important and people do care, a lot against it but a growing amount in support which is what young people struggling with their identity need to see. We aren’t that far from when Queensland was the last mainland state to legalise male same sex activity – in 1991!!!

    • Hamish Macdonald isn’t asking you to care. Nor is he asking for “support”, as someone else here suggested. He merely posted an instagram photo of himself with his partner at a social event – a few weeks after quietly posting a holiday snap with the same guy. It’s no more than thousands of others – celebrities or nonentities – do daily. He made no statement whatsoever, so it doesn’t even quite amount to the “coming out” that the media has chosen to read it as. For all we know Macdonald, like many gay guys his age, has never actually been “in” – so there’s actually no need to “come out”. Take issue with the media making a big deal of it if you want; but that’s also no more than they’d do with any other media identity appearing with a new partner.

  4. I think it is nice that he showed up at an event with his boyfriend like it was no big deal. Gay people shouldn’t need to have to make formal statements that they are gay, hoping everyone might accept them. Straight people don’t have to make such announcements, it was nice to see Hamish so casual with the person he loves.

  5. Congratulations Hamish, wishing you both all the best! A very dapper couple. And I gather Hamish & Tommy Little get on much like brothers, with all of the annoyance and stirring that entails.

  6. Sorry ‘Dave’… but are you serious with the “…it’s just a shame that main stream (sic) media do make a big deal of such things…” comment? This was not a story on any of the commercial television networks today. In fact, it’s only a niche television website like TV Tonight that gave this story oxygen. Please enlighten us on which segments of mainstream media made this “a big deal” today.

  7. I think it’s great that someone can come out as gay these days with little fan fare. It’s just a shame that main stream media do make a big deal of such things.

    • I concur with the first part of your comment… as you know I rarely file on personal stuff, but visibility is still incredibly important, especially to the 15yo growing up in Goulburn or Devonport who may not see much representation in local media. I strongly suspect Hamish would agree. TVT started in the gay media so there’s a legacy of acknowledging significant moves and as Hamish has posted on social media I’m comfy with adding my congrats. I also didn’t see it as necessary to name the other lucky lad.

        • Sorry but let’s not get too precious, gay kids growing up will deal with homophobia in life and social media anyway. One media personality being gay isn’t going to stir up much more negativity than already exists out there. Besides that, we do need to see what ignorant peoples views are so we’re aware of what needs to be addressed and changed rather than pretending it doesn’t exist.

      • David I don’t understand why you wouldn’t name Hamish’s partner? It’s no secret anymore, they’re in a relationship … partners of straight celebs are always mentioned or referenced without a care or second thought … why would you not mention him? thought you were all about visibility, diversity, etc?

          • Glass Portcullis

            This is an underappreciated reply. We needn’t delve into the minutiae of a public figure’s life despite the seemingly nauseatingly indefatigable appetite for it. He’s entitled to a life beyond the public sphere.

          • But it seems ok to name female partners of straight TV celebrities who’s partners are not on TV, anyway why is it so important to tell the world that someone has a partner, gay or straight..

  8. Interesting. I had no idea, but I suspect some tv reporter knew all along. Just a sixth sense I picked up from the way he was promoted in his early days on screen.

  9. If you look at his Instagram page you probably would have realised with the picture he posted on april 23 that he had a male partner.

    But I don’t see it as a big deal but his partner is a lucky guy

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