Johanna Griggs hits out at Woman’s Day (again)

House Rules and Better Homes & Gardens host Joanna Griggs has taken to Instagram to lambast Woman’s Day over an article.

The magazine story headlined “House Rules‘ Joh Griggs and Jamie Durie’s bitter rivalry EXPOSED” cited an unnamed “insider” who claimed, “There have been secret crisis meetings at Seven,” and that ‘Joh is “furious” that the network appears to be promoting Jamie and sidelining her.’

“Joh’s absolutely steaming – and she has every right to be! She’s been at the network for more than 15 years and is a big part of the success of the show, yet she’s feeling pushed aside by Jamie,” the mag quoted.

Woman’s Day went on to suggest network heavyweights were ‘scrambling to keep the show together, crisis meetings between Joh’s manager and Seven bosses have taken place – to try and placate the much-loved star.’

“Joh’s manager [Sue Muggleton] is fuming that her long-time client is being treated like this, and there have been some very heated exchanges behind closed doors,” the source suggested.

But Griggs, who has taken to social media to debunk mag stories in the past, wrote on Instagram:

“Woman’s Day – you have done it again. Don’t you ever get sick of writing such fantasy rubbish??? One things for sure, you clearly don’t get sick of rehashing pics from a thousand years ago! It was about this time last year or was it was it the year before where you used the same pap pic you’ve recycled this week(bottom article)… Back then it was about how I’d apparently ‘snapped.’ Of course that didn’t happen then, nor are there any secret crisis meetings behind closed doors at Seven about Jamie and me happening now. In actual fact – Jamie and I just finished a great week away on the road together shooting for Better Homes and Gardens. We had an absolute ball! So sorry to have to explain to everyone yet again… how you fill your pages with complete and utter untruths. I can’t wait for the day that NO-ONE buys your trashy”

She added a number of private pics with Durie to prove her point.

Last year Griggs criticised Woman’s Day over a supposed weight loss story calling it “made up shite” and in 2017 slammed another on “Joh’s Miracle: I Saved My Husband’s Life.” In 2013 she even hit out at Seven-owned New Idea for a cover story “Johanna Griggs: My shock news at 40.”

Don’t mess with the Griggs….


  1. Instead of House Rules, Seven has that Super Switch thing on instead Tuesday and Wednesday night. Is the finals of House Rules cut back, maybe just Sunday and possibly Monday nights from next week?

    Super Switch could not interest me less, and that’s the only nice thing I can say about the thought of watching it.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Gave up reading Womans Daze and No Idea many years…decades….when they stopped being a great womens read and just became trashy, gossip….I read the English Womans Weekly…like they use to be.

  3. Jolly Wally

    My mother and her friends had Woman’s Day and New Idea for decades –
    And viewing them in the Doctor’s surgery show they have not changed very much.

    The sensationalist stories are only the top layer of the magazine and are there to entice new readers (a carryover from Nene King’s day, when they contained more truth, because of the colourful romantic exploits of people like Princess Dinah, Sarah Ferguson, Elton John with Renate etc.)

    Meanwhile, most of the regular readers skim over those stories to read the guts of the magazine e.g. crosswords, recipes, feng shui, handy hints and the many “feel good” stories they have.

  4. These magazines are fake news, and I don’t know many people who read such magazines. I saw one of these magazines, and it stated that Harry and Meghan are breaking up. Magazines such as these just make up “stories” to sell, even though they know it’s not true. Repeat: magazines such as New Idea and Woman’s Day are just full of fake news that are designed to sell magazines, and more copies sold means more advertising revenue, and more advertising revenue means more profits. At the end of the day, this is what its about.

  5. No, It amazes me that they are still in circulation and after the #metoo awareness and increased online bullying campaigns, that the fiction is still ‘allowed to occur’

  6. roaringdave

    Do any TV Tonight readers but these magazines. If so, can you explain why? I’m curious as to what you get out of it (I’m not expecting (m)any people to say yes to this).

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