Krypton spin-off in the works

Syfy is developing a spinoff of Superman prequel Krypton, to be built around the character of bounty hunter Lobo.

The DC Comics character makes his debut during season two, with Emmett J. Scanlan (pictured) in a recurring role.

Lobo is from the peaceful planet of Czarnia. He was born a devil in the midst of utopia. Loosely translated from his native language, his name means “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it.” As a teenager, Lobo single-handedly slaughtered his entire civilisation, becoming the last of his race. Now the mercenary roams the universe on his motorcycle, getting paid for what he loves most: murder and mayhem.

Michael Bay has been touted as director of the Lobo project should it proceed.

Krypton returned to Syfy in Australia last night, fast-tracked from the US.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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