Renewed: The Rain confirms final season

Danish drama The Rain has been renewed for a third and final season by Netflix.

The post-apocalyptic series sees a brutal virus carried by the rain wipe out almost all humans in Scandinavia, with a handful of survivors.

The first season of the show consisted of eight episodes, while the second season only had six. An episode count for S3 is yet to be confirmed.

It will air in 2020.


  1. Season 2 of Rain is on my list of shows to watch, I would have thought two seasons would have been enough but I shall wait and see. It’s good that Netflix are giving conclusions to their popular series but I note that some recent renewals like Bad Blood and Designated Survivor lack the spark of previous seasons, Netflix really need to look hard at keeping some production consistency, it’s an old criticism but it still applies today.

    • S2 did also lack a bit of spark IMO, but it’s a change of perspective that isn’t expected. I won’t spoil it for you, still worth a watch!

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