Rodger Corser: Quiet Achiever

Nine's Doctor Doctor star is the only Gold nominee to win votes while his show was not on air.

When I speak with Rodger Corser about his Gold Logie nomination he is knee-deep in the middle of filming Doctor Doctor season 4.

The gear-shift to ‘campaign-mode’ is a little disconcerting for one whose focus is on Nine’s series in which he is the leading man.

But it’s a role that has clearly resonated, with a Gold nod for each of his three seasons. And it’s not lost on either of us that of the 7 Gold nominees, Corser is the only one who was not on air during the nomination period in March.

“I’m surprised I’m even nominated because the Logies are so late in the year, compared to a few years ago when people voted at the end of the year. So you had that year in your memory. Doctor Doctor is done by about October, so it’s a surprise to be remembered,” he tells TV Tonight.

“I’m only on air for 10 weeks of the year. Not even a quarter of the year. So we’re punching above our weight to even be nominated.

“But it’s a raffle every year. Grant won last year, but isn’t nominated this year and other new people are. So you can’t pick a formula.”

Corser is also Nine’s sole shot at bringing home the Gold. Is there pressure on to win?

“I don’t know. I suppose if you’re the host broadcaster you’d want a few coming your way. But I haven’t had any vocals from the brass saying ‘You’d better get out there and campaign!’” he explains.

“They know I’m low key when it comes to that sort of thing.

“When you’re shooting a show it’s head down, bum up, with 12 hour days on set locked in your own little world.

“The 24 hour news cycle of Logies is a different world to what we’re living in. We’ll front up on the night and see what happens.”

The dependable Corser has never won a Logie yet his body of work is impressive, and includes Glitch, Rush, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, The Beautiful Lie, Puberty Blues, Spirited, Underbelly, Last Man Standing, McLeod’s Daughters, Stingers and Water Rats.

“I started on stage in Rent in 1998 and the first TV was a Warner Bros. American show in 1999. So it’s 20 years and I’m still here. Who would’ve thought?” he laughs.

“All I’ve ever wanted is longevity, to do things in and around the industry. Not just to be here for a few years and then have to get a real job.

“It doesn’t feel like a job when you enjoy it, I suppose.”

Despite a formidable CV, Corser recognises the mammoth task that lays ahead this Sunday. But he doesn’t begrudge those playing hard to win, even if TV presenters have a few advantages that TV actors do not.

“It’s been refreshing and funny. I can see what Tom’s doing and the angle he’s going for. It’s nice to have a bit of a shake-up I suppose,” he continues.

“I think everyone knows it’s extremely tongue-in-cheek. It’s like a Roast panel.

But if you’re doing a weekly show like The Weekly, The Project, The Living Room, or if you have a radio show, or doing the weather every morning, you can talk about it.

“But it’s very different for us in a fictional show that will be on later.”

1. How important is winning a Logie award?
RC: Not overly. I like being nominated and then not having to do the speech. No pressure on the night. So it’s not super-important.

2. What was the TV highlight of your year?
RC: I’m lifted up by Doctor Doctor. Last year we lost Steve Bisley’s character at the start of the season which was a shock to our viewers. Tina Bursill was incredible in that first, heartfelt episode. I really enjoyed doing those scenes with her.

3. Aside from yourself, who is your tip to win and why?
RC: It’s probably out of Amanda and Tom. That’s where the chatter has been, so I’m happy to take the back seat….. I imagine if Tom got Grant over the line, then he’s probably going to get himself over the line as well.

4. If you win, where will you put your Gold Logie?
RC: If I ever won a Logie, in any colour, I reckon the kids would have it in their bedrooms for a while.

5. Why should viewers vote for you?
RC: I’m just happy to let the people decide. I’m not much into the self-promotional campaigning for myself. I’m happy to go with their decision.

Voting in the 2019 Logie Awards is open until 7:30pm AEST Sunday June 30.

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  1. Rodger is a gifted actor, genuinely modest, totally reliable, as you also said David, and last but not least, he is a “huge hunk of spunk”.

  2. I really liked Last Man Standing. From memory it only had the one series. Marieke Hardy the series writer if my memory serves me well. I’ve not sampled Doctor Doctor but I agree with David’s description of Roger as sturdy and reliable. And likeable

  3. One of my favourite actors. Have watched him on our screens as far back at Last Man Standing (loved that show)! Very modest. Wishing him the best with the gold but he obviously happy to just sit back and watch the show 🙂

  4. Wow I’m surprised he’s never won a Logie. I must be going mad, I thought he won one a few years back for best Actor or something.

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