“She is a model for the importance of facing the past”

Last night’s episode of SBS documentary Every Family Has a Secret saw one of its participants discover her father was wanted as a Nazi war criminal.

Perth woman Angela Hamilton braved learning of her family history, despite personal risks involved.

But she was congratulated by historian and renowned “Nazi hunter” Dr Efraim Zuroff who also featured.

“I was incredibly moved by my experience in Romania, which was the first and only time a child of a Nazi war criminal had ever expressed any gratitude to me for delving into the crimes of their parent,” he wrote.

“Angela showed tremendous strength throughout the entire episode, and her fortitude enabled her to ultimately be liberated from the burden of whatever guilt she felt personally for the horrors inflicted on her family by her father. Instead of wallowing in her suffering, she emerged from her victimhood with the emotional strength to be able to exhibit true empathy with her father’s victims, which is an amazing achievement. For me, she is a model for the importance of facing the past honestly.”

The production by Artemis Media ensured psychological support before, during and after their filming.

Noni Hazlehurst said, “This is really high stakes and I found it quite liberating to see the courage of these people and the hardship that they’ve been through in some cases but again once you know the truth it can explain an awful lot and give you some relief but it’s the full gamut of emotions from A to Z.”

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