Sunday Night: June 16

Do not attempt at home…

Sunday Night has a cautionary tale on a Snapchat stunt gone wrong.

It’s the video that shocked the nation… a young woman driving erratically, giving her snapchat feed more attention than the road ahead.

Then the picture cuts to black.

21-year-old Shania McNeill was playing chicken with cars on the other side of the road, steering into oncoming traffic before ducking back into her own lane. Her two friends Faeda and Hazel were with her in the car, laughing and filming every reckless moment.

Then Shania didn’t swerve away in time.

Her car collided head on with another vehicle. Shania was killed instantly. Faeda and Hazel were badly injured. So were the occupants of the other car… two musicians travelling home from a local gig.

Now Faeda and Hazel want to deliver an important message to other young people.

In a Sunday Night exclusive, Alex Cullen speaks with everyone involved in the tragedy as they struggle to understand this senseless waste of a young life.

8.30pm Sunday on Seven.

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  1. Is it just me or is Sunday Night off the boil this year? Recent ratings have been lacklustre & the recent run of stories Strikes me as ACA level of “story”. A Poor man’s 60 Minutes

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