Sunday Night: June 9

On Seven’s Sunday Night an Everest survival story and romance ‘taboos.’

Aussie in Everest
Reaching the summit of Mt Everest has become the ultimate bucket list item, not only for serious climbers but also for cashed-up amateurs. The mountain has become such a popular destination that some days there are as many as 200 people queuing to get to the top. The big crowds have made this one of the deadliest seasons on record, with 11 climbers losing their lives in the space of just two weeks. Canberra public servant and experienced mountaineer Gilian Lee came perilously close to joining the body count. He was determined to climb Everest without oxygen but collapsed during the attempt. His rescue was one of the most incredible ever staged in the Himalayas. In a Sunday Night world exclusive, senior correspondent Matt Doran speaks with Gil about his miraculous escape from death.

Love Actually
Today, most Australians accept and celebrate love irrespective of culture, race and gender. But there is one kind of relationship that still raises eyebrows – that union where one partner is significantly older than the other. Sunday Night’s Angela Cox meets the couples who have defied the age taboo… for better and for worse.

Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven.

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