SWAT coming to Seven

US action series, featuring Shemar Moore, will be screening on Seven in coming weeks.

US action series S.W.A.T. will be screening on Seven in coming weeks.

The series, featuring Shemar Moore, is based on the 1975 series and has been screening two seasons in Australia on FOX8.

Since 10 lost its FOX output deal, some shows as Modern Family and The Simpsons, have screened on Seven.

A third season has also been confirmed.

Seven is yet to announce an airdate.

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  1. Will this be treated the same way as all there other tv shows , criminal minds ,greys anatomy etc. Season 1 is out now as it’s from 2018 ,I lost hope with TBBT on 9 and still no final date , hoping for the double episode July 2nd but not placing bets.

    1. I’d assume it would be like any other Foxtel show Seven have broadcast (Chicago Fire, Grimm etc). Played out in a 10.30/11pm slot after higher ranking programs. But now Seven have The Latest so it might be a bit later.

  2. Oh great news. When I heard Shemar Moore was doing a new show when he left Criminal Minds I was so excited. Then got really annoyed it went to stupid foxtel. Glad I finally get to watch it.

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