Taboo: June 20

This week’s episode of Taboo tackles a theme of racism…. I must admit I was wondering whether Harley Breen might be spending time with people who identify as racists or those who have been subjected to it.

Award winning comedian and host, Harley Breen, spends five days and nights with four people from a minority group who have suffered extreme Racism. After learning more about their unique experiences – by asking them questions that others may be afraid to ask – Harley performs a stand-up routine about them, in front of them, and their friends and family. It’s a series about laughing with people some say we shouldn’t really be laughing about.

8:40pm Thursday on 10.

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  1. Wow…will be looking forward to this. Harley is going to surprise but amuse everyone this episode, I know for sure. Racism and extreme bigotry are still massive issues in modern society and I look forward to what Harley will ‘joke about’, it’ll be fun!

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