The Living Room: June 14

This week on The Living Room Dr Chris Brown finds himself in the Mungo National Park and Miguel whips up some Indian comfort food.

Declutter with Peter Walsh: Living Room Clutter Chaos Couple
Rachel, Jonathan and their three kids have amassed so much clutter, they don’t know what most of it is! Peter Walsh and Barry Du Bois are called in to help clear out the clutter and create a functional living room for this busy and bustling family.

Travel with Dr. Chris Brown: Mungo National Park
Dr Chris Brown goes on an epic journey into the depths of the Mungo National Park. With a treasure trove of fossils, stunning landscapes, and quite possibly Australia’s most beautiful sunset, the journey is a long one- but the destination is more than worth it.

Food with Miguel Maestre: Anjum Anand Jaffle
The Nigella of Indian cuisine, Anjum Anand, shares a stovetop with Miguel Maestre. Anjum gives Miguel a lesson on Indian cooking as the pair tackle Anjums version of comfort food – an Indian inspired jaffle.

7:30pm Friday on 10.

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