The Recording Studio: June 11

In the penultimate episode are a mother & daughter duo and a Red Cross Choir singing.

In the penultimate Recording Studio are a mother & daughter duo and a Red Cross Choir singing for an 81 year old blood donor.

Victoria (41) & Celeste (18)
Mother and daughter Victoria and Celeste want to record a song for their Navy XO husband and father to listen to while he’s away at sea. A gift to show him how much they love and miss him.Navy man Scott spends nine months of every year away at sea. The girls want to record Scott’s favourite song, ‘Run’, a song celebrating thinking of loved ones while they are away. Pop producer Charles Fisher helps the women reimagine this pop song as a musical ‘I love you’ for Scott and brings in a full session band. Victoria and Charles then surprise Scott and Celeste in the studio when they bring Scott in for the final record.

Blood Donor Choir
This unique choir made up of parents and Red Cross workers have come together to record a surprise thank you gift for life-long blood donor James Harrison, 81 who has just retired. James has donated 800ml of blood every week for the last 60 years (over 1100 donations) and in May 2018, had to retire as a donor due to his age. Nicknamed The Man with the Golden Arm’ James has received numerous awards for his generosity, including the Medal of Order of Australia.

James’s rare blood antibodies have saved 2.4 million unborn babies around Australia from Rhesus disease. James is no longer of an age that he can donate so producer Mark Opitz has pulled together this choir to record a song for this music loving Aussie hero. James hasn’t met many of the people whose lives he’s helped, but they are part of this choir and he will meet them for the first time on the day of the recording.

8pm Tuesday on ABC.

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    1. Unfortunately they would rather produce The Voice with it’s garbage infighting rather than this positive show. The music producers on this show are amazing, especially Charles Fisher, and big props to Scott and Anna who work on every project.

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