The Recording Studio: June 18

This week is the final episode of The Recording Studio on ABC, which has been a lovely first season but maybe needs a different timeslot if it returns…

This week a victim of bullying creates an anthem, a rural firefighting volunteer gets nominated to record a song by his community and a special needs teacher Josh has written a song for the kids.

Chezahn Pomare
13-year-old Chezahn was bullied in her native New Zealand from the age of six and bullied again when she came to Australia as a nine-year-old. She was singled out because of her size and because she looks and sounds different. She’s decided to record ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ by Alessia Cara, “to prove to everyone that no matter what you look like or what your personality is like, you have that opportunity to do whatever you want in life.” With the help of iconic producer Charles Fisher, this recording is an inspiring story to encourage other victims of bullying to stay strong and keep going to fulfil their dreams.

Sam Stevenson
37-year-old Sam Stevenson is a rural firefighting volunteer, and much-loved local hero, who is being championed by his community to realise his dream of recording a song in a studio. In March 2018 in Tathra, Sam along with other fire and rescue members and volunteers, fought 200 bushfires over three days that destroyed 69 houses but thanks to their efforts 300 homes were saved. Sam has been nominated by his local community as a thank you for his all his work and Sam in turn wants to thank everyone who helped with the fire effort by dedicating a song to them, ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ by Joe Cocker. Music producer Matt Fell calls on music legends and back up vocalists Vika and Linda Bull, and a full rock band to help Sam create this community recording.

Josh Oshlack
Josh is a special needs music teacher who wants to record a song to be used as a teaching tool Australia-wide. Josh works with special needs kids all around Sydney and all his kids know ‘The Goodbye Song’ that Josh has written to help the class understand when the popular lesson is coming to an end. The song is used to encourage the children to play musical instruments and find enjoyment in music. Producer Shane Nicholson and Music Director Scott Aplin throw themselves into this recording, multi layering the track with various weird and wonderful instruments, to turn a simple song into a musical masterpiece for children to enjoy.

8pm Tuesday on ABC.


  1. I always find it amusing that With A Little Help From My Friends is called Joe Cockers song when it is actually a Lennon/McCartney song recorded by the Beatles before Joe made a bigger hit out of it !

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