The Recording Studio: June 4

Stepping up to The Recording Studio microphone this week are young vocalists both using music to express themselves and respond to bullying.

Anna and Lucinda
Lucinda, 19 and Anna, 21, are two best friends who absolutely love music. The girls are huge fans of Taylor Swift and want to sing ‘Shake it off’ as it’s their favourite song to sing together and celebrates not caring about what people say about you and enjoying life.

Anna has Down Syndrome and she met Lucinda in high school. They have been best friends ever since, supporting each other through the ups and downs of the teenage years. With the help of ‘the song doctor’ Charles Fisher, this recording celebrates friendship and fun and fulfils Anna’s dream of recording a song together with her best mate Lucinda.

James Emmanuel
James grew up in Orange but now lives in the Blue Mountains. He has always excelled at music and has been rapping and playing the saxophone for eight years.

Creative and musical, James hated the rugby culture at his high school, and found he didn’t fit in. He was bullied relentlessly for both his race and his sexuality.

Now firmly on his own path and comfortable in his own skin, he wants to thank his high school mentor/teacher who helped him deal with bullies at school, encouraged his musical talents and accepted his sexuality and diversity.

He wants teacher, Mr Tink, to know that he’s never forgotten him and he’s grateful for how supportive and understanding he was during that tough time. The Recording Studio welcomes Sydney hip hop duo Horrorshow to the studio to produce James’s original recording ‘Radiate’.

8pm Tuesday on ABC.

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