The Super Switch: update

Seven pulls troubled reality series back to one episode next week after disappointing debut.

Seven has moved fast on disappointing numbers for The Super Switch, yanking next Tuesday’s episode from the schedule, but keeping it in play on Wednesdays.

Tuesday will now see a House Rules special.

House Rules: Best of House Rules Countdown Special
A look back at some of the best moments seen on House Rules.

Episode of 3 of The Super Switch, moves to 7:30pm Wednesday.

The series debuted with just 308,000 but lifted last night to 381,000.

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  1. I will not be watching a House Rules “Best of” / countdown special. I am an avid House Rules fan and I am sure I have seen every “best of” moment a hundred times already: ads, preview at end of previous episode, “coming up” at start of episode, “after the break”, “last time on House Rules”…..and don’t get me started on the recaps in the reveal episodes. No thanks.

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