Tip the Logies 2019!

The survey says ….it’s time once again to see if we can collectively predict any of the Popular categories in the 2019 Logie Awards.

Can a large group of TV fans come up with the results (that’s how TV Week does it after all)?

Remember, this isn’t a competition and no prize is offered, so just choose who you would LIKE to see win, not who you THINK will win.

A Hall of Fame question is thrown in to see if any common responses hint at a leak!

Survey closes 5pm AEST Thursday June 27.


  1. David Knox what do you think about what grant Denyer said today could be bad for Logies If Gleeson wins. You think denyer saying that will have much of a effect on the way people vote or not really

  2. When it comes to Hall of Fame, I can think of many people who I’d like to be inducted and who deserve to be inducted, but the first person who came to mind was actress Kris McQuade, totally out of left field I know.

  3. You do this every year and makes no sense. You put prediction and who you would like to win in the same sentence. These are two different things.
    If you are seeing if we can ‘tip’ the winners or ‘predict’ as you say then I would pick Waleed. However, if you are asking who I would like to win then it will be Amanda. You are asking for a prediction based on who we like – not who we think. That would be impossible. I can’t say I would predict Amanda to win because I think Waleed would win.
    If you are looking for predictions it should be – who do you predict based on who you think will win or in a perfect world and you got all your choices, who would you like to win?

    • Hi you’ve raised this in the past, so again it’s about the site seeing if TVT readers can collectively tip the winners. To do this it draws upon the same principle as TV Week: a big group of fans saying who they would like to win. Asking who you think will win is a different formula, second-guessing, conspiracy theories etc. Some years readers have been bang on, others way off, but it’s a bit of fun which I reckon is important in a blog.

      • Come on David give us your tips for all the category’s so We can all debate you on your selections lol. But gold Logie does look to be Amanda’s to lose especially after she was nominated last year

          • Some tricky category’s. Graham Kennedy award I think is Bonnie Anderson.
            Outstanding :
            Reality- block
            Documentary – not sure
            News- Thai cave rescue
            Sports- fifa World Cup
            Children’s- not sure
            Entertainment- have you been paying attention
            Supp actress- Jackie weave
            Sup actor- not sure
            Sup actress- not sure
            Actor- Bryan brown
            Mini series- bloom
            Drama- Wentworth 100% right ?

            If anyone agrees or disagrees would love to hear your opinions

    • I’m with aryan3 – tip the logies is in much bigger print than choose the name you’d like to win…

      I *predict* some people are filling in the form incorrectly.

      • @par3182: you can’t predict something in the present tense. Predictions relate to something in the future. e.g.: “I predict that the results of this survey will be statistically invalid because people filled in the form incorrectly” hahaha

        But seriously, David’s instruction is clear: Choose who you would Like to see win, not who you Think will win. If someone still uses the form differently to that, they simply didn’t pay adequate attention to the instructions. Irrespective, the collective result of the TVT survey could still be used to “predict” the winners of each category, given that TVT members could be taken as representative of the average Australian TV viewer / TV Week Logie voter.

        Bottom line: it’s just a bit of annual fun. Chill out and enjoy it 🙂

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