Tip the Logies: Amanda Keller for Gold?

For the second year running, TV Tonight readers are predicting Gold Logie glory for Amanda Keller.

The site’s annual Tip the Logies survey gives the bulk of the Popular Awards to Network 10, indicating very little change from 2018 predictions. That’s despite over twice as many votes as 2018.

Readers have narrowed the race for Gold to either Amanda Keller or Tom Gleeson, but gives Keller the edge. The survey asked readers who they would like to see win, in an attempt to replicate TV Week voting.

But Neighbours fans have also hit the survey hard (potentially with some overseas fans impacting votes), helping to boost results for 10.

Here are reader predictions:

* denotes runaway winner

Amanda Keller (The Living Room / Dancing With The Stars, 10)

Most Popular Actor (too close to call):
Ryan Moloney (Neighbours, 10)
Ray Meagher (Home And Away,Channel Seven)

Most Popular Actress:
Eve Morey (Neighbours, 10)

Most Popular Presenter:
Amanda Keller (The Living Room / Dancing With The Stars, 10)

Most Popular Drama:
Wentworth (Foxtel)

Most Popular Comedy Program:
Have You Been Paying Attention? * (10)

Most Popular Entertainment Program:
Gogglebox Australia * (Foxtel/10)

Most Popular Reality Program:
Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders (10)

Most Popular Lifestyle Program:
The Living Room * (10)

Most Popular Panel or Current Affairs Program:
The Project * (10)

Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent:
Bonnie Anderson (Neighbours, 10)

Denise Drysdale *
Ray Meagher
Daryl Somers
Barrie Cassidy
Amanda Keller

There were 739 surveys completed this year, more than double in 2018.


  1. I grew up loving the logies and is still my favorite show of the year. If Tom Gleeson wins it will prove that the logies have become a sham. Shame on you Tom.

    • How?? because he’s popular? and got the most votes??? Shame on everyone for expecting someone from channel 10 winning, nobody watches 10…

  2. if anyone but Amanda Keller wins Gold it’s obviously rigged and given some of the nominations and the neighbours cheating scandal I think it’s safe to say Russia had an influence on this election…. I mean voting nominations…

    All jokes aside, I don’t think there is a more deserving nominee than Amanda. a try TV legend.

  3. Clearly the bulk of TV Tonight readers are biased towards Network 10 which is not reflected in the broader community. Surely the most popular ( i.e. most viewers) in the program category is the one with the highest ratings. This may not necessarily be the best program in terms of content or quality. For example, MAFS way more popular than Australian Survivor, but the content of MAFS, well!

    • Yes 10 fans voted hard here (I have always maintained they trained their audience well in this with Idol / BB). But no the Most Popular does not equal ratings. Eve Morey’s Gold nomination does not equate to ratings. Neither does Sam Mac, Costa nor several others. That’s a different argument.

    • Maev....Sydney

      I am not bias…there was a time when I barely turned to TEN now 10….apart from the news and The Living Room….
      But in recent times …I have been watching more 10…because what they offering is worth my time to watch.

    • Ten does consistently well at the Logies, proving that high ratings don’t necessarily equate to winning Logies. Tens modest audience are clearly loyal, and the networks shows and personalities must really resonate with its viewers.

  4. I think if Amanda wins (or the other nominees except Tom) it will be well deserved but if Tom wins it will be because most of the votes will be for the joke factor, (which it will be if he does happen to fluke it). I think the joking has gone way to far to the embarrassing stage.

    • It’s a valid point about the joke factor. But Hard Quiz is also a very popular show in its own right and as mentioned in another article in TV Tonight, its ratings are usually above the shows featuring the other gold nominees.

  5. If Amanda Keller doesn’t end up winning the gold Logie, I do hope she receives the hall of fame award. I can remember her being on TV ever since Beyond 2000 and that was around late 80s.

  6. carolemorrissey

    Yep, I’m one of the Neighbours fans that gave my vote to all the Neighbours nominations. Since it’s been years/decades since it’s had any nominations it may be their last chance to win.

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