Tourism Australia ad wins Logie Award

TV Week has awarded its first Logie for 2019 to Tourism Australia for its commercial Dundee: Australia’s Tourism Ad In Disguise.

It beat out competition:

Frank – Westpac
I Am The Captain Of My Own Soul – Invictus Games
Naked Wrestling – KFC
Santa Crashes Christmas – Aldi
Serena Project: I Touch Myself – Berlei

Tourism Australia wins a $100,000 marketing campaign from Bauer Media, four tickets to the Logies along with complimentary flights and accommodation.

TV Week editor Thomas Woodgate said: “It’s been really amazing to share this journey with creative and media agencies since we introduced the new category Most Popular Television Commercial this year. We are very pleased to congratulate Tourism Australia for their well-deserved win with Dundee: Australia’s Tourism Ad in Disguise commercial.”

The Best Commercial award was previously part of the Logie Awards from 1962–1976.


  1. thedirtydigger

    Could the Logies become any more irrelevant ? Reminds me of the old New Idea attempt to create their own TV Awards Night … full of crap like Favourite Overseas Movie Star if my memory serves me …and accompanying awkward 8 second clip of said star accepting the award.

  2. I don’t know why they bought back this award either. No one has asked for this award to be reinstated.

    Bring back the Outstanding Comedy Program award. And the Outstanding New Talent award too.

  3. I wonder why they brought the award back after so many decades? Is it because we’re in a YouTube / viral generation where commercials get more traction online and TV want to capitalise saying “Well… it’s a TV ad first – viral video second” ?

  4. carolemorrissey

    The best ad on TV at the moment is the Bupa ad with the penguins. I wanted to vote for it but it wasn’t even on the list. It’s a million times better than the stupid ones listed.

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