US proceeding with Moodys series

ABC comedy has the backing of FOX network in the US for a potential TV franchise.

Aussie comedy A Moody Christmas is proceeding to series in the US, given a six-episode ‘put pilot’ order by FOX.

The Jungle Entertainment comedy, which ran on ABC in 2012, has been in development for a number of years with creators Trent O’Donnell and Phil Lloyd. The US version is written by comedy veterans Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg and Tad Quill.

The ‘put pilot’ order means it will attract hefty fees if it does no proceed to series.

The series sticks to the original premise of following Dan Moody as he returns home to spend Christmas with his dysfunctional family. When he arrives, he’s met with the inevitable madness of a family whose members are all hiding things from each other.

Deadline reports FOX is also envisioning this as an ongoing event series franchise.

In 2014 star Patrick Brammall told TV Tonight he was disappointed The Moodys was not returning to ABC.

“I think it was a combination of name change, from A Moody Christmas to The Moodys, and there was a format change as well,” he said.

“So I don’t think it resonated in quite the same way as the first season.

“But it also wasn’t particularly well publicised which is a real shame because it was a good show.”

Fisher, Greenberg and Quill executive produce with Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum of The Tannenbaum Co. as well as Jungle’s Trent O’Donnell, Phil Lloyd, and Jason Burrows.

CBS TV Studios will co-produce with FOX Entertainment.

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