Vale: Densey Clyne

Naturalist and author Densey Clyne, who presented on Burke’s Backyard, has died, aged 96.

She died last week on May 21 in Wauchope, New South Wales.

Clyne has been a writer, photographer, speaker, TV presenter and producer and has scripted documentaries and worked with the legendary Sir David Attenborough.

She was involved as researcher, writer, narrator and/or adviser in partnership with cinematographer and friend Jim Frazier on multiple films.

She wrote a one-hour script about spiders in her garden including their remarkably complex sex life and with Channel 10 as sponsor, they made their first documentary, Aliens Among Us.

Densey and Jim were invited by the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol to form one of 10 teams filming for David Attenborough’s major TV series Life on Earth.

Over the next 10 years, as Mantis Wildlife Films, Densey and Jim filmed in Australia and overseas for more BBC productions, including two other David Attenborough epics, The Living Planet and The Trials of Life.

The BBC sent the pair to Borneo, Palm Springs in the USA, West Sumatra, Penang and to various parts of Australia. They also filmed for several ABC and BBC co-productions and made five more films.

She presented regular natural history segments for eight years on Burke’s Backyard for Nine.

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