Will these shows return to SBS?

SBS updates on The Chef’s Line, Go Back to Where You Came From, Filthy Rich & Homeless.

SBS is in development on a further season of Filthy Rich & Homeless.

The documentary series by Blackfella Films has seen two seasons on SBS, last airing in August with Cameron Daddo, Skye Leckie, Benjamin Law, Alex Greenwich and Alli Simpson all toughing it out on the streets, in order to bring more insight into the problems of homelessness.

A third season of Eureka Production’s cooking contest The Chef’s Line is in discussion.The series drew modest ratings in is 6pm slot.

Meanwhile there are no plans as yet for more of Go Back to Where You Came From. The ground-breaking series from CJZ, which has won awards around the world, has seen 4 seasons on SBS highlighting issues around asylum seekers. Season 4 last October added a Live element with mixed results.

Still to come on SBS this year are Every Family has a Secret,  Struggle Street, Great Australian Railway Journeys, 63 Up, Chasing the Moon, Gourmet Farmer, Luke on a Train, Hungry Ghosts, Vikings, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Name of the Rose, Untold Australia, and Marry Me Marry My Family.

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  1. Can’t see what a ‘Name Of The Rose’ series would accomplish that the excellent film didn’t in a couple of hours or so-would like to see the follow up seasons to ‘Medici, Masters Of Florence’ though.

  2. I enjoy Filthy, Rich & Homeless, so I’m quite happy about this news!

    Sad to see GBTWYCM not being considered, but, I think they’ve done what they could on that series!

    Any news on Season 3 of Struggle Street as of yet?

  3. Apart from 7 & 9 News everything rates 200k or less. at 6pm these days. Mastermind hasn’t been doing any better that The Chief’s Line, though Fennel has livened it up a bit. Filthy Rich and Homeless’s 2nd season just repeated the 1st season with new celebs and didn’t achieve anything. Go Back To Where You Came From and done all it’s going to do to, opposition to illegal and legal migration has continued to rise.

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