Young Sheldon cast to attend Logie Awards

The cast of Young Sheldon are heading down under to attend the TV Week Logie Awards.

10-year-old Iain Armitage, who plays Sheldon Cooper, will be joined by screen parents Zoe Perry (Mary Cooper), Lance Barber (George Cooper Sr.) and siblings 16-year-old Montana Jordan (George Cooper Jnr.) and Raegan Revord (Missy Cooper).

TV Week Editor Thomas Woodgate said, “I’m so excited to welcome the cast of Young Sheldon to TV’s night of nights at The Star Gold Coast in Queensland’s gorgeous Gold Coast. I know that they will all bring a lot of star power to TV’s biggest and best awards show and I can’t wait to see them all strutting the red carpet on June 30.”

Red Carpet Arrivals will be hosted by David Campbell, Sylvia Jeffreys and Leila McKinnon.

Sunday, June 30 on Nine.


  1. Perhaps the cast of Young Sheldon can ask Nine programmers when they plan to air the final episode of The Big Bang Theory seeing as they’ve shown contempt for the show’s audience by delaying it this long.

  2. Although I don’t watch Young Sheldon, it is good, I guess, that TV Stars from overseas are to present at a TV Awards ceremony, rather than get a international singer to sing here that has no relevance to Australian Television (bar to plug their upcoming album of course…. lol)

  3. It’s interesting seeing the Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon life as a kid. They will be great Logie’s guests. When will new episodes resume?

  4. carolemorrissey

    Oh great news, finally people from a show I watch will be coming. It’s been years since anybody from shows I watch have been to the Logies.

  5. Must we still wine and dine international celebs who have no idea what The Logies is ? Just give us some fantastic musical performances, preferrably by powerhouse Aussie acts. I would make an exception for another appearance of Joan Rivers if she was still with us though.

    • daveinprogress

      Yep the cultural cringe has been alive and well at the Logies for as long as we’ve been watching them haven’t they Gaz? 🙂

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