Airdate: Seachange

Revived drama series Seachange will premiere on the Nine network two weeks from tomorrow.

As first revealed by TV Tonight, the series returns to Pearl Bay nearly 20 years after it was last on air,  led by star Sigrid Thornton.

Now filmed in Brunswick Heads, northern NSW, it also brings back John Howard, Kerry Armstrong and Kevin Harrington plus Brooke Satchwell, Dan Wyllie, Darren McMullen and Katrina Milosevic.

After being fired from her volunteer job in Africa, Laura Gibson (Sigrid Thornton) heads back to the beachside paradise of Pearl Bay for the first time in 20 years when Seachange premieres on Tuesday, August 6, at 8.45pm on Nine.

But after two decades, Laura is about to discover that Pearl Bay has changed in ways that will challenge everything she believes about life, love and family. She is forced to negotiate the loose ends of the messy life she left behind, but will her journey finally heal her broken family? And will Pearl Bay take her back?

In the keenly anticipated reboot of the beloved Australian series, John Howard reprises his famous role of Bob Jelly, who has just been released from prison for fraud. Kerry Armstrong returns as his estranged wife Heather and Kevin Harrington reprises his role as Kevin Findlay, the Pearl Bay fixture who runs the caravan park.

Seachange also stars Brooke Satchwell as Miranda Gibson, Laura’s oldest child – a conservationist whose strained relationship with her mother explodes when Laura turns up without notice – and Dan Wyllie as Ben Russo, new owner of the Tropical Star Hotel, the only pub in town. Ben’s life is at a crossroads as he nurses a broken heart and is in constant trouble with the town authorities.

Darren McMullen plays Findlay Knox, a handsome marine biologist working for Miranda’s sworn enemy, the Striplands sand mining company. Katrina Milosevic is Anna Kazan, the sergeant at the Pearl Bay police station and Miranda’s best friend. However, their friendship will face a challenge that changes their lives forever.

Other members of the cast include Kate Lister who plays local cop Lillian Liano, newcomer Ella Newton, Laura’s youngest child Stella Connors, a spirited and reckless woman with a well-developed sense of entitlement, and Alex Tarrant as Zac Bell, the trusty court clerk.

Deb Cox, the original creator and head writer of the treasured drama series, returns as executive producer of Seachange alongside Sigrid Thornton, Fiona Eager, David Mott and Nine’s Andy Ryan and Jo Rooney. Lois Randall is the producer and Wayne Blair is the set-up director and also plays local radio announcer Riley Bolt.

Seachange is an Every Cloud Productions and ITV Studios Australia production for Nine, with major production investment from Screen Australia and finance support from Create NSW. It is distributed internationally by ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

Tuesday, August 6, at 8.45pm on Nine.


  1. daveinprogress

    Interesting casting for Sigrid and Katrina. They had wonderful chemistry in Wentworth. Talk about chalk and cheese. Katrina towers over Sigrid. I got to interview Sigrid early in my career. She was so lovely But tiny! I had been a fan since the late 70s A wonderful star. So vivacious.

  2. I wouldn’t mind watching the original beforehand but can’t seem to find them on any streaming service which is annoying. Was only a kid when it was on the first time and I can remember my Grandmother watching it every week.

  3. It’s a shame that the original kids won’t be in it. Brooke is a fantastic actress but it’s a shame Cassandra won’t be coming back. also it would have been good to see Rupert back to. also yeah it’s just a shame Tom can’t be in it. That final episode all those years ago of Karen & Angus’s wedding was great.

    Good to see Kerry and John back. Also Kevin to.

    But I feel we need William back. Max was a great character with a witty sense of humour and William and Sigrid were excellent on the screen together. Plus that final scene of them on the pier together was great when he learned he was going to be a dad, we need Laura and Max back as a couple.

    Oh and Im in my 30’s and will be watching.

  4. I am so torn over this – I really want it to be good, but fear it won’t live up to my expectations. I absolutely love Sigrid Thornton and am excited that she’ll be back on our screens, but will miss so many of the original cast. I know I’ll be making comparisons all the time.
    Hopefully it will introduce a new generation to Aussie comedy/drama and they will grow up having memories of this version as fond as I do of the original.
    I am disappointed they aren’t shooting at Barwon Heads anymore – there was something kind of comforting about that location 🙂
    Congratulations to all the cast & crew and producers, who I’m sure worked long and hard to get this back on screen – I hope it does fabulously for you all.

  5. So very sad we won’t be seeing Tom Long again as he’s is so very ill. Loved his character in the original Sea Change.
    Yes, Dan Wyllie and Katrina Milosevic should be good value. Would love to see the original Diver Dan ( David Wenham) make a guest appearance at some stage.

    • Agree with you Angela, Tom Longs as Angus the Clerk of the Court was one of my favorites, and the relationship he had with Karen the Police Prosecutor, played by Kate Atkinson was so cute. I’m very saddened that Tom Long is going through such a tough health battle.

  6. I am excited about this, but there seems to be a very unbalanced cast, gender-wise. Most of the excellent male characters are gone or replaced by women characters (Harold, Sgt Grey, Max, Angus). I hope it doesn’t turn into a vehicle for making political statements.

    Also, the trailers seem quite dramatic. I can’t see any of the beautiful whimsy that made the original such a delight. I look forward to seeing that part of it.

  7. Will be interesting how this rates. Not sure many people under 50 will be interested. A shame they haven’t found a way to get the original series to replay in the run up to this.

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