Alien franchise on 7mate

Heads up Alien fans, all 6 feature films will screen on 7mate for the next 6 Sundays.

The 1979 Ridley Scott original will screen this Sunday from 8:30pm, concluding with the free to air premiere of Alien: Covenant on August 25.


  1. The number of films in the Alienverse is somewhat greater than 6 when one includes the Alien vs Predators and the Prometheuses-one could even make a stretched case for Predator 2 as the trophy wall at the end in the spaceship shows an alien skull, the first time the two were linked!

  2. All this is blazing SD ,why not axe 7failed aka 7food and go HD on 7mate ,I’ve got more chance of winning tonight’s $110M Powerball.

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