Back Roads: July 22

This week on Back Roads Heather Ewart is in Fish Creek, Victoria, described as “a whimsical town straight from a storybook!”

This creative little town, near the southernmost tip of Australia’s mainland, really does look like it’s been taken straight off the pages of a story book.

It’s home to children’s book authors and illustrators, world-renowned botanical artists, musicians and sculptors.

Cherished Australian children’s author Alison Lester grew up here on a farm by the sea. The landscapes, characters and animals of her childhood have made their way into her work. Lester tells Back Roads host Heather Ewart, the setting was the inspiration for one of her most famous books ‘Magic Beach’.

Her friend, author and illustrator Roland Harvey has recently moved his gallery into
the main street.

Fish Creek is a place where big life changes can be made.

Local woman Amelia Bright used to make prosthetic limbs for humans. Now she’s raising heritage-breed pigs and living off-grid.

Like many story books, Fish Creek does have a dark chapter. Heather Ewart finds out about the mystery of the ‘Lady of the Swamp’ who vanished in the 1950’s. Never to be seen again.

You’ll also meet whimsical couple Fiona Mottram and Ross West who ride Penny Farthing bicycles and tend to a menagerie of donkeys, mules and one-eyed dogs.

There’s one event that unites this eclectic community – the Tea Cosy Festival!

Whatever is in the water in this creative town, we want some.

8pm Monday on ABC.

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