BBC Click interactive special

Tech news show marks its 1000th episode, with a special letting viewers choose their own adventure.

Long-running tech news show BBC Click is marking its 1000th episode, with an interactive special, which lets viewers choose their own adventure, similar to Netflix’s Black Mirror special Bandersnatch.

The interactive version has been built with object-based media,

Using a tool created by BBC Research & Development called StoryFormer, and there are thousands of variations viewers could potentially see.

In the factual show, you can follow a number of paths, deciding to find out about self-driving cars in Arizona and new non-electric tech in Malawi, and you can go into varying levels of detail on the topics that interest you most. According to BBC is also learns about you as you watch and changes itself to fit around you better, based on the choices you’re making.

You can check it out here.

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