Diana Rouvas doing it her way

Powerhouse Voice winner Diana Rouvas is hoping to do things her way, reluctant to be pigeon-holed as a particular style of singer.

On Sunday she unveiled her original song, Wait for No One, a driving, dark song which she co-wrote with partner Eric Aranda. It contrasted to the many power ballads which won her the 2019 title.

“I don’t want to put it in a pocket or a box. For many years people have tried to do that with me, but it doesn’t work,” she tells TV Tonight.

“I don’t think I sound like everybody, which is a good thing and a detriment sometimes. So I’ve just stayed true to myself and really fought to be artistically free.

“I want to tell the truth about my stories so if one is a piano ballad and one is a rock soul vibe then whatever comes out of me for people to feel the message is what it should be.”

Rouvas was contacted by Voice producers and invited to return as an All-Star, having finished fifth in 2012. She was even signed to Universal Music, but was released from her contract in 2015. She describes the call to return to the Nine show as perfect timing.

“I’d been in the studio for the last couple of years while I’ve been teaching. So it was perfect for the material I’ve got and where I’m at in my life,” she continues.

“I just knew it was a good opportunity, no matter what, to be seen. The business is hard and any opportunity people have to know you is crucial to take.

“I had a pretty good run. I toured a little bit -I wish it had been earlier- was eventually picked up and signed but nothing really eventuated from that so we parted ways.

“I dived into the studio and have been teaching voice, chipping away on material. So this came when I thought ‘I’m just about ready.’”

Now hoping to do things more her way, Rouvas says Soul is the genre she gravitates towards most.

“Soul is the thing in my sound and tone. I’m a fan of B.B. King, Aretha, Joni Mitchell.

“A good song is a good song, and if it’s authentic people connect.

“If an audience is invested, that’s what moves people. That’s where I want to live and have a conversation about the human aspect of everything we do.

“I want to get sell records, which is very difficult in this day and age. But I will give it a good go.”


  1. Let me tell you, Diana is the real deal. Our paths crossed a few years ago when I interviewed her backstage ahead of a gig in Melbourne. She’d released the single Heart Of Goodbye, which was a great track but sadly didn’t fire. Seeing her performing live and connecting with the audience was magical. I wish Diana all the best, her talent deserves to be heard.

  2. Seems to me that doing it her way has only gotten her back to where she started plus a bonus of actually winning the contest this time. I wish her luck and hope it works out for her this time around.

  3. Artwork and creativity that is without restraint is personally satisfying and its great when other people like it too. But I found that the creative work that is most successful is the work that is made with pleasing others in mind and what is trending with the audiences, even if it is not the favourite work personally.

    To go their own way, to go with the trends or maybe somewhere in between. It depends on what the artist wants to achieve in fame and success or personal satisfaction.

  4. Well if shes watched previous outcomes after she should really hurry up and get releasing music asap. If EMI dont put funding into advertising as well she will just be another non hit winner. The longer voice winners wait after the show, the less sales they will get. Im still shocked the winner single is just the live performance off the show.

  5. Bruce Banner

    So in short, she was told what to sing on the show, won singing that style of music by “public vote” (sure), and is now going to do a 180 and perform a style of music she didn’t perform on the show and hope for the best? I wish you luck Diana!

  6. daveinprogress

    Nice interview David and a portent of perhaps how she will move forward and build on her victory in order to sustain her career beyond the tv show. She needs to be out and about and telling and showing who she wants to be regarded as. Admittedly there is a paucity of performance entertainment shows to promote her music but visibility is paramount. She also needs to be seen and heard outside Australia. She could have a big following in other markets. It will be interesting to see what her album will sound like. Mix of originals and carefully chosen covers

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