Family Food Fight takes on America

Aussie-devised format takes on US primetime.

Aussie-created reality contest Family Food Fight now has its US adaptation screening on ABC network (which is a feat in itself).

Developed by Endemol Shine Australia & Nine, it has an 8 episode run with teams of 3 specialising in traditional international cuisines.

The set looks similar to ours, as do the home-style menus (fried chicken with eggs benedict? ewww).

By the looks of things they even have a family hoping to replicate the Lebanese Shahrouk sisters….Instead of a trophy board, the winners get a fighter’s belt. Yo.

In the summer schedule it screens against shows such as Big Brother, Hollywood Game Night, Spin the Wheel and The Outpost.

The show had two seasons on Nine, but is not returning this year. Other versions have been greenlit for Mexico, Switzerland, Denmark, Argentina and Portugal.

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  1. Would like to see Nine go back to the original format, maybe try it during Summer. That version is the one getting the sales around the world. It could be a big money spinner like MasterChef is.

  2. American shows live and die by the demos. If it does alright in those it might get over the line for another series. Far as I can tell, it did 0.6 in the demo for its first episode, which for mid-July is reasonably respectable.

    1. Looks like 3 episodes have aired already, the first two getting 2.85 and 2.52 million viewers respectively. Is that considered a flop in America?


      1. In America that is pretty much a flop. Aussie formats never seem to work in America. Hopefully Almost Family (U.S adaption of Sisters for FOX) will change that since it’s a drama format…

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