Have You Been Paying Attention?: July 8

Cast: Tony Martin, Glenn Robbins, and Kitty Flanagan.

Guests this week on Have You Been Paying Attention? are Tony Martin, Ivan Aristeguieta, Glenn Robbins, Melanie Bracewell and Kitty Flanagan.

Quizmaster Tom Gleisner is back this Monday night to keep this motley crew in line.

Tom will also attempt to glean a few correct answers because that’s just the sort of consummate professional he is.

Our fast five is made up of comics Tony Martin and Ivan Aristeguieta, with both returning to their pods for the first time for season seven, alongside crowd pleaser Glenn Robbins and the sassy and always attentive Melanie Bracewell and Kitty Flanagan.

Have You Been Paying Attention? is a night of guaranteed laughs and there is not a second to spare. Hands on buzzers.

8:30pm Monday on 10.

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    1. Well yeah, same as Rove Live, and later The Project. Didn’t Kitty Flanagan quit The Weekly for bigger and better things though? “I’ve had it, I want to do real journalism, I am sick of being your kooky stooge. I am like this show’s weatherman, your go to idiot. I am better than that,” she told Charlie… lol

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