Home and Away secure, says Seven.

Seven programmer Angus Ross has spoken out about various media reports that Home and Away‘s future is in doubt.

He told Andrew Mercado in Mediaweek this week, “I can assure fans that the story is utter drivel. There are absolutely no plans to move it from its 7pm timeslot on the main channel.”

A Seven spokesperson also told New Idea, “These reports are complete rubbish.”

Home and Away, along with The Chase, has been one of Seven’s most consistent drawcards in one of its most challenging years in some time.

To be the top rating local drama in its 32nd season, is some bloody feat.



  1. I think they need to revamp the story lines on home and away so they are not repeating the same dull story lines again and again. Have a same sex couple as permanent characters would also help. The whole concept of primary and secondary channels is out of date. Everyone in Australia have access to all channel seven’s multichannels and it makes sense to move H&A to 7Two at the same time. People will still watch it regardless. Even though the trial this year didn’t work all that well, mainly because MKR is a dieing brand and they should try something else.

  2. The fact this blog didn’t repeat the story which originated from a fledgling rival and then was picked up by so called news organisations who ran it unchecked meant we all knew there was no substance to the story.

  3. He’s only saying what the people want to hear so the outrage will die down. Of course there are serious problems with H&A in its current time slot and there has been for some time. Seven need to change their tactic at 7PM and try a fresh new news/current affairs program to compete with Nine/10 and dump H&A on a multichannel. Either that or start the realities at 7PM and get the half hour jump on Nine/10 like they trialed with MKR at the start of this year. Definitely do not axe it completely though, the overseas sales alone would keep this Aussie staple going. It deserves to but it does not deserve the 7PM slot on the main channel anymore.

    While on the topic, TT should be dead and buried for good. Get rid of the Adelaide and Perth versions so the news can be an hour long everywhere and we can have some…

  4. It’s interesting that they film 5-6 months ahead of the air dates. “Neighbours” films three months ahead and they also film/air right throughout the year, taking only short “entire cast and crew” production breaks (instead giving all cast regular extended breaks throughout the year and writing these breaks into the story lines). To the best of my knowledge, “Home and Away” still follows the traditional “cease production for six weeks in December/January” practice (which “Neighbours” moved away from last year, when “Fremantle” signed a new deal with their UK broadcasters).

    • Neighbours will still take 8 weeks off behind the scenes with3/4 weeks at Christmas. They still film 6 episodes a week. So what ends up being 3 months filming in advance can grow to 4 and Half months

  5. Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1ᴘ5

    Yeah can’t imagine Seven dumping Home and Away, even if they did I would think 10/CBS would snap it up to pair with Neighbours as is on Channel 5 in the UK (Neighbours 5:30pm H&W 6:00pm).

  6. Home And Away does complete with “utter drivel” at 7pm aka ACA.
    For other websites to lay the blame at H&A is “utter drivel” as well. I would say that 7 realise their own programming aka MKR, HR and whatever 7’s dating show is called are to blame not to mention their loss of Tennis ?. After the cricket ? just doesn’t cut it.

    Tennis is multi generational viewing, cricket simply isn’t. Starting H&A late was also an issue without informing viewers first.

    Whilst H&A gets less viewers then ACA & ABC News people watch it on 7Plus still creating views in the “streaming world”

    H&A survived the early 00s when Big Brother was on 7pm on Ten and will survive MAFS as all those shows come and go.

    I also know lead ins play a part but when the programming on 7 is “utter drivel” from 7:30pm no one is going to stick around, switch or turn on 7.

    H&A is in its 32nd season now here to…

  7. So the Daily Mail link says that H&A are under ratings pressure from the reality shows on other networks. Well that’s a lie, no reality shows air at 7pm these days on a weeknight.

  8. Yes, amazing longevity. Yes, it’s a solid performer. But, wouldn’t it just be nice if it better reflected the country in which it’s set?

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if a country didn’t have to suffer demographic displacement?
      We could ask the Tibetans, the Cherokee or Australian Aborigines about that..

      What makes it wrong when it happens to some people, something to decry, but right when it happens to White Australians?

      Cultural and racial replacement are wrong, no matter who the receiving population are, or the introduced.

  9. thedirtydigger

    I think Seven has bigger problems than Home and Away don’t you ? A look at their schedule from 7.30 PM with the lethargic House Rules running 3rd in the slot might be the start of shows to face the axe.

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