Insight: July 23

Tonight on Insight Jenny Brockie hears from families of quads and quins.

What happens after four or more siblings share a womb? Insight considers the challenges and triumphs in multiples families, from pregnancy and birth, to parenting and growing up. This episode explores the hype, trauma and logistics; and the incomparable bonds between siblings whose lives are linked from womb to adulthood.

Kim Tucci
“They started counting the heart beats, ‘one, two, three, four, five,’ and I just remember saying ‘what is that called?’”

Mary Kyriazis
“I was thinking ‘my poor babies, tomorrow these newspapers will be rolling fish and chips in them.’”

Richard Braham
“We had these harnesses like you’d put on a dog. I think it was the normal thing back then.”

Peter Maatouk
“We were told, ‘Don’t get too attached, there’s no guarantees you’re going to take any of them home’.”

8:30pm tonight on SBS

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