John Jarratt pleads not guilty in rape trial

Trial underway around alleged 1976 incident for Wolf Creek star.

Actor John Jarratt has pleaded not guilty to raping a woman 40 years ago.

A rape trial involving the Wolf Creek star began in the Downing Centre District Court yesterday, where a jury of heard the complainant was 19-years-old at the time of the alleged incident in 1976.

Prosecutor John Bowers said the complainant was woken at 3:00am and he allegedly had sexual intercourse with her with “some force.”

“At no stage did she say or do anything at all to indicate to Mr Jarratt that she consented or agreed to have sexual intercourse with him during this incident,” he said.

The court heard Jarratt’s wife, Rosa Miano, is expected to give evidence that the complainant remained “friendly” and made no complaints about Mr Jarratt.

The court also heard Ms Miano would recall a conversation with her husband during marital difficulties in 1984, where he admitted to having sex with the woman, but claimed she “willingly” participated.

Jarratt, who told police the alleged incident took place on the night he won the lead role in the film, Summer City, claims he and the complainant both “willingly participated in consensual sex”, Mr Bowers said.

The trial continues.

Source: ABC