Masked Singer panel: Lindsay Lohan, Dannii, Jackie O, Hughesy.

10 reveals the famous 4 who will endeavour to guess singing celebrities behind the mask.

10 has now locked in its judging panel for The Masked Singer: Lindsay Lohan, Dannii Minogue, Jackie O and Dave Hughes.

All 4 will attempt to guess the identity of 12 celebrities hidden beneath bizarre disguises such as The Prawn and The Unicorn in a singing show hosted by Osher Günsberg.

Lohna said, “The show has already been a huge success and I can only imagine it will get bigger. Each week will be so exciting to watch who performs and try and guess who’s behind the masks. I feel honoured to sit on the panel and be a part of such an amazing show.”

Dannii said: “The Masked Singer is an incredible show that already has fans around the world. I love the music, drama of the costumes, the fun of guessing the performers, and most of all the tension when the performer is revealed.

“It is the first singing show that is voted on performance alone, till the very end. There is so much secrecy about the performers, that I think this show will be a hot ticket – my friends are already trying to get an audience seat!”

Jackie O said, “I was really excited by the concept, it’s so unique and like nothing we’ve seen on Australian TV before. I love that everyone can play along at home trying to guess which celebrities are under the mask. I’m also excited for my daughter to see it, she will love it.”

Dave Hughes added, “Never has the phrase ‘thorn between the roses’ been more apt. I will attempt to give the common man’s view while sitting amongst these goddesses.”

The Masked Singer Australia is produced by Warner Bros. Australia. With filming to commence shortly it will screen later this year.

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  1. I know one person who won’t be performing – Dami Im
    I say that because she has done it before:

  2. How will Lindsay know any Aussie ‘celebrities’? I loved the US version because of the judges as much as the masked singers. Danni and Dave Hughes I understand but Jackie O & Lohan make it difficult to want to watch this version

  3. I think that Masked Singer could be wonderful for 10, and very well could be a hit…the panel looks awesome, so we can only wonder who is under the masks. And I’ve got a hunch that there will be some rather well-known celebs under them. I will be tuning in, whenever it’s on.

  4. Cannot wait for this. Looks like fun. Lindsay Lohan is a good get, people are already talking about her on social media, mostly bad but those same people will tune in hoping for car crash TV. All four are also big on social media so lots of free publicity.

  5. I find it hilarious that people will determine the success of a show on the “judging” panel alone. The point of the show is to have fun, guess the mystery celebs and just enjoy it. Stop bashing a show saying it won’t rate when it hasn’t even aired yet…geez!

          1. I feel like this could be a first win for 10, and a step in the right direction for them to winning their winners. It’s a great show, which would be entertaining to watch as Australia speculates who the celebs are under the masks…

        1. OK. It has to win its time slot and not be up against a major sporting event.

          Also, if it gets palmed off to one of their secondary channels, that counts as a failure. Encore screenings don’t count though.

          That clear en

  6. not until the TV industry in this country openly lets ” their own stars” from other networks appear on rival channels will a show like this succeed, as we don’t have enough celebrities to go around. Can you imagine a Karl or Kochie, or Grimshaw being one of the celebrities in a mask? Sadly TEN will need to call on the celebrities for hire, that appear on every network. The USA do it well even rival talk show hosts appear on rivals show over there.

  7. This show had promise… but with it’s judges line up…. Yawn! and Jackie O? really are they not aware every show she is apart of flops faster then the singing career of a Voice contestant.

      1. One hit out of what at least 8 failures is not a good record. Everything she did before and after has failed. She has made so much bad tv, ground zero, suprise suprise gotcha, the nation, undercover angels australian princess and that absoultly awful late night chat show with kyle. I do not why tv networks persist with someone who is known to kill a show even a strong brand like big brother.

  8. Given 10’s very loose definition of what constitutes a “celebrity”, I don’t understand why they thought it would be a good idea to have an international panelist on the show. Unless 10 delivers on their promise and has actual celebrities on the show and not ex-Bachelor/Gogglebox participants, it could possibly work.

    As locals we’re often left scratching our heads when the cast is revealed for shows like “I’m A Celebrity” and “Dancing with the Stars”. I can only assume that 10 would have given Lohan a package of material to watch in preparation for this as she wouldn’t stand a chance otherwise.

  9. I’ll admit, I am kind of surprised by this line up. I can understand the choices, I think. But how much would Lindsay Lohan know of Australian celebrities. (I have to assume it will be mainly, if not all, Australian talent under the masks.) Would she be at an unfair disadvantage?

    1. I think people should resist writing off the judges before even a proper promo has aired. Dannii and Dave are known quantities and will be fine. Lindsay and Jackie O I suspect have room to surprise on the upside.

  10. So either Lindsay Lohans gonna have to brush up on her aussie celebrities or else it’s gonna be international celebrities i guess. Or Logan just makes random guesses because she doesn’t know any Aussies.

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