My Life Is Murder adds animated spin-off

My Life is Murder‘s very own pussy Thunderbolt is getting his own animated series.

The cat is a homely stray for Alexa (Lucy Lawless) in the new 10 procedural.

My Name Is Captain Thunderbolt (Sometimes) is the first animated series made for 10’s digital platform.

Network 10 head of drama Rick Maier said: “Captain Thunderbolt is clearly a star going places. Not only deserving of a show in his own right, this also helps us defray the significant cost of his management, entourage, Winnebago and extensive backstage rider. This is a series for lovers of mystery and/or man’s second best friend.”

The series is based on a cat named Captain Thunderbolt, who wanders into the apartment of Alexa Crowe – the lead character in My Life Is Murder – and takes up residence. Captain Thunderbolt appears in the television series. In the animated series, he has become a private detective, investigating Alexa’s life to decide if he should stay with her.

My Name Is Captain Thunderbolt (Sometimes) was written by Network 10’s digital editor Liz Galinovic and Hannah Fitzpatrick, script editor for My Life Is Murder.

In developing the 10 Play series, Network 10 formed a unique partnership with the University of Newcastle’s animation school to enable a group of talented recent graduates to work on the project and bring Captain Thunderbolt to life.

My Life Is Murder is a CJZ production for Network 10, with principal production investment from Network 10 in association with Screen Australia and financed with support from Film Victoria.

My Name Is Captain Thunderbolt (Sometimes) will be available at 10Play from tomorrow, Wednesday 24 July.


  1. The Last Post

    I’ve gotta say how much we enjoyed episode 1 of My Life is Murder.
    This is the kind of show that CBS could flog to any country in the world., it was that good.
    Writing, acting, directing, believable actors… so much better than the very disappointing and pedestrian S2 of Harrow.

  2. What a waste. I’m assuming that these are shorts, hence their exclusivity to 10 Play.
    This could have been a nice family-friendly lead-in for the main series if they were to complement it with another sitcom or animated series.

  3. I wonder if history will repeat itself? Xena, the spinoff, was much more popular than Hercules, the predecessor. Will the same be true of Captain Thunderbolt eclipsing the popularity of Alexa Crowe?

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