One subject, two spectacles…

Observant Anh’s Brush with Fame viewers last night were bewildered by his painting of chef Kylie Kwong last night in which her portrait sported different spectacles to the ones worn for her sitting.

ABC advises painting sessions are conducted over several hours on a closed set, and to allow subjects to relax and talk, Anh has photos and sketches on hand.

Meanwhile many others were moved by Kwong’s heartbreak after wife Nell lost their son Lucky in 2012 having been born premature, and her story of coming out as gay to her parents at the age of 19.


  1. thedirtydigger

    I hate to break the bubble of people who still believe in Santa Claus and unicorns , but Ahn actually doesn’t even really paint the portraits during the interview .
    The real painting is done when the subject isn’t even there, from photos.
    That’s what happened in this instance and explains the wrong glasses.
    When Ahn ” paints ” as he interviews, he’s just splashing some colour around a canvas.
    I know this because someone who actually works on the show told me.

  2. I did notice the glasses and thought it was a very distinct difference, especially since the round frames are more synonymous with Kylie. Regardless, a terrific episode.

  3. Loved this episode, so very interesting and touching. I find I get a bit disappointed in Anhs paintings of most of his females subjects. They are very good but I think he seems to paint the males better and gets their life lines (for what of a better explanation) in more detail.

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